December B2B Sales Tips

December B2B Sales Tips | Anthony Caliendo
  • Try Something New: Prospect for clients and prime your sales funnel in ways that you may not have time for during the rest of the year. 

  • Personalized Holiday Messaging: Don\'t make sales calls: make a personalized holiday greeting call or send a greetings email. Thank your loyal customers during the holidays, with specific details so it is clear this is not a generic message. This may mean a client gift or may be a warm note of appreciation for their support during the past year. This will keep you front of mind - and may lead to a December sale from a customer who suddenly realizes that December is their last chance to use the year\'s budget! 

  • Dec 31 Sales Call: Make a few Dec 30 and 31 calls to good clients and plan to leave them a message and wish them all the best in the coming year, and say you\'d like to meet with them in the new year. Be prepared: might just be in the office and pick up the phone and make the sale! (See Sales Tip for Dec 31: Or, yours will be the first message they see in the new year. 

  • Address Their Financials: Timing is important for buyers. Ask good clients if they have budget available that they need to use by the end of the year, or feel them out to discover if they need a business tax deduction. Make them an offer that is too good to refuse: you\'ll get the sale, and you\'ll cement a loyal customer.

  • Holiday Promo: Create a special holiday offer that is simply too good to pass up. Many B2C businesses have trained their clients to wait for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. Design a December promotion for your B2B clients that will make them want to get your call! 

  • Social Media: B2B sales can have fun with holiday social media marketing - don\'t leave it all for the B2Cs! Create a social campaign that gets noticed - in a good way - and attracts responses from people in the office just scrolling through their feed to kill time. Behind the scenes in your office, tasteful holiday humor and your business\' holiday charity campaign are all positive ways to spread holiday cheer - and invite viewers to click and contact you! 

  • Build Loyalty: Start a December Customer Loyalty Program to incentive your B2B clients to make a purchase - and make another one next year! 

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