End of Year Checklist for Small Business Owners

27 Year End Tasks for small business owners
  • Here are 27 Year End Tasks to Minimize Your Stress in the New Year

  • Review past year\'s goals and results

  • Business

  • Set new year\'s goals

  • Prepare a strategy plan to meet your goals

  • Hold an annual meeting if you\'re a Corporation or LLC

  • File an annual report if you\'re a Corporation or LLC

  • Take an inventory

  • Review and update your sales plan

  • Review and update your marketing plan

  • Conduct a social media and digital marketing audit to be sure all profiles are accurate and all links are working

  • Back up your computer, all your files, your phone and

  • Create needed hardcopies or download PDFs from cloud files

  • Review and update vendor files and contracts

  • Employees

  • Finish annual performance reviews

  • Distribute annual or performance bonuses

  • Evaluate staff needs for the coming year

  • Finances

  • Run all year-end software reports

  • Finalize all payroll federal, state and local records

  • Pay all vendors and contractors in full

  • Review your P&L statements to see where you\'re profitable - and where you\'re not

  • Withhold taxes from all employee bonuses

  • Meet with your accountant or tax preparer to schedule tax dates and estimate taxes due

  • Review all insurance policies

  • Set your new year\'s budget

  • Clients / Customers

  • Review your client lists

  • Thank all current clients for their business

  • Deliver client appreciation gifts

  • Close all outstanding year-end deliverables

  • Create client / customer acquistion goals

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