Sales Call Agenda

Sales Call Agenda
  • A written agenda is a checklist of what is important for you to cover in your sales call so you don\'t forget important steps in the client relationship process. 

  • Before The Meeting

  • Confirm meeting time, purpose and participants in writing

  • Research your prospect and identify how your product or service can solve their problem 

  • Create agenda

  • Distribute agenda to key participants 

  • Distribute any needed support materials for the meeting

  • During The Meeting

  • Greet, Welcome and Thank: Introduce yourself, your company and any key players

  • Prospect introduces themself, their company and any key players 

  • Review meeting objective

  • Ask your prospect to explain their needs or business goals: why did they take the meeting? 

  • Distribute any support materials

  • Present your information, facts or products 

  • Explain how your product or service can meet your prospect\'s needs (as identified above) 

  • Answer prospect questions and allow time for input from your prospect 

  • Ask what your prospects decision process is: key players, timing, logistics 

  • Define followup actions needed 

  • Schedule next meeting and/or next steps 

  • After The Meeting 

  • Followup in writing within 24 hours, thanking your prospect for the meeting and acknowledging your prospect\'s key questions and concerns 

  • Respond to all followup actions in a timely manner 

  • A successful sales call doesn\'t just happen. It requires planning, preparation and an agenda to help you stay focused and organized. 

  • Download my free sales call agenda checklist to make sure you never forget an important step in the client relationship process. 

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