End of Sales Contract Meeting Agenda

Sales:  end of contract meeting agenda
  • Purpose: Close-out and review the success and failures of the two company\'s business relationship 

  • Distribute a written agenda prior to the meeting

  • Have key players on your team present, and invite the client\'s key players

  • Intro

  • Introduce all participants and their role

  • Review the contract timeframe, budget and goals

  • Key Points:

  • Present specific, measurable outcomes of the goals and budget 

  • Discuss why certain goals were not met, and what was adjusted midstream to meet the goal

  • Define your biggest accomplishments and successes on the contract 

  • Point out any opportunities you\'ve identified for the client 

  • Closing: 

  • Explain your transition strategy 

  • Provide client with all relevant documents, data and passwords

  • Provide client with all relevant documents, data and passwords

  • Offer client names of potentially useful resources and contacts 

  • Ask the client if there is anything else you can do to facilitate their transition to a new vendor, product or relationship

  • Thank the client for their business, and wish them luck 

  • After the Meeting: 

  • Send the client a thank you note documenting your end of contract meeting, your offer to provide all relevant documents, and thanking them for their business 

  • Conduct a client exit survey 

  • Clients leave, and clients come back. Demonstrating professionalism and cooperation in an end of contract meeting can open the door to future business and recommendations. 

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