Sales Rep Hiring Checklist

Sales Rep Hiring Checklist | Anthony Caliendo
  • What do you need your salesperson to do? 

  • Identify key job requirements including sales expertise, industry knowledge and market experience for your sales position. 

  • What communication and technical skills does your sales person need?

  • Is this a full or part time job? Are the hours set, or flexible?

  • Does the sales rep need presentation skills? 

  • How will job performance and success be measured? Is there a sales quota? 

  • Create a job description for the sales rep position, addressing the above points. 

  • What is your hiring process?

  • Who will recruit sales rep candidates?

  • Who will interview candidates?

  • Who will screen and do background checks on candidates? 

  • Who will onboard the new sales rep? 

  • Who will train the new sales rep?

  • Who will the sales rep report to?

  • What type of person is a good fit for your organization?

  • Identify the traits and characteristics needed to be successful in your organization.

  • Will the sales rep work independently, or a s part of a team?

  • Do you have internal sales support staff?

  • Does your sales rep need to be tech savvy for your sales management and productivity tools?

  • What are the job benefits and requirements?

  • When do you need your sales rep to start work? 

  • Where will your sales rep work from - is this inside sale or in the field? 

  • Does the job require travel? Do they need their own car? Is a company credit card provided?

  • What is the salary base and/ commission?

  • Are there growth opportunities?

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