Sales Productivity Tools

Sales Productivity Tools
  • Neal Schaffer: Top 5 Productivity Tools for Sales and Marketing 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – The Ultimate Sales Productivity Tool for Social Selling

  • Leadpages – Efficiently Create and Manage Your Landing Pages for Marketing Productivity

  • Agorapulse – The Ultimate Social Media Dashboard for the Ultimate in Social Media Marketing Productivity

  • Boomerang for Gmail – The Ultimate Gmail Business Productivity Tool

  • Loom – Easily Create Videos and Screencasts for Free 

  • Neil Patel: 10 Sales Tools for Boosting Results, Efficiency and More 

  • HubSpot - You gain access to tools that boost every aspect of your inbound sales strategy. 

  • LinkedIn Sales Solutions - With a free trial, you should give the Professional Edition of Sales Navigator a try. 

  • InsideSales - My favorite is the email and web tracking tool to enhance blog post traffic tracking. 

  • ToutApp - One of my favorite features is the ability to create a “pipeline playbook,” complete with all of the data that you and your team need to stay in touch with a contact throughout the sales process.

  • Yesware - With access to high level, actionable insights, you’ll never again wonder what you’re supposed to do with the data that you’ve collected.

  • Calendly - From sales calls to sales meetings, from interviews to demos, it has all of the features that you require.

  • Zoom - There are many video and web conferencing services to compare, but through my experience Zoom is one of the best in digital marketing sales tools. 

  • ClinchPad - ClinchPad is an online CRM, built for small teams that crave big results.

  • Proposify - With this software, you can share beautifully created proposals with prospects in the cloud. In turn, you hope to close more deals in a more time efficient manner. 

  • SalesLoft - This tool is built to help you “increase qualified demos & appointments.” 

  • Alice Heiman: 4 Sales Tools You Need to Know About     

  • 6Sense - Allows sales to focus on the customers who are ready to buy now, and keep tabs on the prospects making their way through the funnel. 

  • Nimble - Has re-imagined customer relationship management by pioneering the world’s first Intelligent Relationship platform.  

  • App Data Room - An amazing new platform that keeps everything your sales people need at their fingertips or better yet, on their tablets. 

  •  Rehearsal - An easy to use platform for practicing any communication skill. 

  • Inside Sales Box: 5 Must Have Sales Productivity Tools 

  • Salesforce -  It makes it really easy for your sales reps to get connected across channels and promotes transparency in transactions and business models.

  • Yesware - It gives you the freedom to stay connected with prospects, grab opportunities and close deals, all from your Gmail, iPhone inbox, Outlook etc. 

  • Inside Sales Box - It gives your reps the advantage of connecting with prospects in real-time basis, notifying them about every prospect action, emails, messages, etc. 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator - You know the art of selling, let LinkedIn teach you the science of it.

  • Proposify - If you send the same product proposal to all your prospects, chances are that you will lose the best of your leads. 

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