Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home
  • Eat Healthy: Eat healthy for meals and snacks. High calorie, high carb sugary snacks are proven to decrease productivity and make you feel sluggish - and often just make you hungry again!

  • Stay Social: Technology makes it easier to work from home. Technology also makes it easier to stay social while working from home. Text chats and video calls with colleagues help you feel connected to the office.

  • Stay Active: Exercise is proven to increase your productivity and your mental health. Workout at home or take a walk. Many video channels and apps have at-home workouts.

  • Create a Home Office: Working from home can make you feel anchorless. Whether it\'s a corner of the bedroom or a chair at the dining room table, create a private home office where you can work without distraction.

  • Listen to Experts: Many business professionals share their tips for telecommuting on podcasts, blogs and in articles. What works for one person doesn\'t work for everyone - but it might work for you!

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