Top Alexa Skills for Working at Home

Top Alexa Skills for Working at Home
  • Manage Your To-Do List: "Alexa, add [task] to [name of the list]."

  • Set White Noise: To stay focused, Alexa can play ambient background noises. To set background noises, activate the skill, and then say, “Alexa, play \'heavy rain\' sounds.” By default, the noise will play for one hour, but you can say “Alexa, loop on” to have it play until you tell Alexa to stop.

  • Add a Meeting to Your Calendar: "Alexa, schedule a meeting called [name] with [person] at [day and time]." Connect your calendar to Alex: choose Settings from the Alexa app menu, then Calendar. Choose the service you use from the list of providers: Alexa supports Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendars.

  • Send a Text: Whether you\'re busy on your desktop or in a meeting, Alexa lets you use voice commands to send a hands-free text. Open your Alexa app and enable it to send and read SMS messages on their phone (instead of Alexa\'s app-to-app messaging service).

  • Join Meetings: If your co-workers are Alexa enabled, say “Alexa, join my meeting” and Alexa will automatically find your next meeting and join it. A one-click dial-in number, meeting ID, and PIN (e.g. 206-555-0100,,1234,,123) are required in the meeting invite.

  • Send Invoices: PayPal Now just ask Alexa to send money, ask for funds or even check your PayPal balance. You do need to create a four-digit pin to get the PayPal Skill working.

  • Take notes during meetings: Ask your voice assistant to document takeaways during meetings, record full meetings, or have your voice assistant read you a summary of a recent meeting \

  • Perform calculations: If you\'re in a device-free meeting and need to perform a quick—but complex—calculation, you can ask your voice assistant to solve an equation for you

  • Order office Supplies: Quickly purchase office supplies or add items to your shopping cart using just your voice

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