What is in a Buyer Confidential Memorandum?

What is in a Buyer Confidential Memorandum?
  • Source: DealGate http://biws-support.s3.amazonaws.com/CIM/CIM-08-Checklist.pdf

  • Summary: An overview of the business being sold, key financials, transaction background, investment considerations 

  • Company: History and highlights, legal structure, business model, corporate vision

  • Business: Business segments, products and services, customers and networks

  • Operations: Suppliers, production

  • Quality Management: R&D and engineering, logistics, systems and processes 

  • Sales & Marketing: Sales strategy, customer support

  • Resources: Management team, employees, wages, unions

  • Infrastructures: Locations, IT, assets and properties, environmental issues

  • Industry: Market, industry players, competitors, competitive position

  • Financials: Profit and loss statement, trading, balance sheet, cash flow 

  • Outlook: Projections, goals, growth 

  • Risk Factors: Negative aspects of the business 

  • Authors of the CIM: Who compiled, verified and published the CIM

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