Year-End Tax To-Do List 2019

Year-End Tax To-Do List 2019
  • Own a small business? Here’s your year-end tax planning game plan

  • Establish tax-favored retirement plan

  • Claim 100% first-year bonus depreciation for qualified asset additions

  • Claim 100% bonus depreciation for heavy SUV, pickup, or van

  • Claim bigger first-year depreciation deductions for car, light truck or van

  • Cash in on generous Section 179 depreciation deductions

  • Property used for lodging

  • Qualifying real property

  • First-year depreciation and future tax rates

  • Time business income and deductions for tax savings

  • 3 tax-planning hacks to make before the end of the year

  • Set up loved ones for 0% tax rate on investment income

  • Convert traditional IRAs into Roth accounts while you still can

  • Don’t overlook estate planning

  • How to cut your 2019 tax bill before it’s too late

  • Game your generous standard deduction allowance

  • Carefully manage gains and losses in your taxable investment accounts

  • If you are charitably inclined: sell loser shares and give away resulting cash; give away winner shares

  • Gifts to relatives

  • Gifts to charities

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