Amazon SEO: How to Optimize and Rank Amazon Product Listings (2019 Edition)

Optimize your Product Page and increase your sales Optimizing your product pages is all about understanding how Amazon A9 Works
  • Research your competitors to see what keywords they\'re using

  • Do keyword research using Merchant words for Amazon specific keywords

  •  Do research using Uber Suggest using Google Specific keywords

  • Compare the Google keyword list to the Amazon keyword list

  • Understand that Google is about Intent and Amazon is about sales

  • Read Amazons standards for titles, bullets, enhanced brand content, and product descriptions

  • Create a primary keyword list (10 keywords), secondary keyword list (20 keywords), and tertiary keyword list (30-40 keywords)

  • Write a title using primary keywords and this formula as a baseline (Brand + Line + Size+ Product Type)

  • For the bullets use a mix of primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords

  • Keep bullets short, informative, concise, with all the major features or important product information

  • For the product description elaborate on the bullets but also include any important keywords or information you missed while addressing important features

  • Take professional images that show all important angles of the product ( you can include up to 9 so you should utilize ALL 9)

  • Have someone review the copy and the images before publishing

  • Publish the product page but track the progress using Data Hawk

  • Repeat the above steps and optimize along the way

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