2018 Blog Health Checkup: 20-Checks in 20-Minutes

  • I researched a list of topics before I started writing articles.

  • I used a keyword research tool to help brainstorm my list of topics.

  • I have a featured image in each blog post.

  • I have a blog calendar showing when and which days I\'m posting new arti

  • My featured image is automatically displayed when shared

  • I have share buttons on each blog post.

  • I regularly use images throughout each blog post, as often as I can.

  • All of my images have alt tags and captions for SEO.

  • I have an email capture form on each post.

  • I give away a free download on each post, in exchange for an email.

  • I regularly bold the sentence using my target keywords in my blog posts.

  • When relevant, I link to my other posts as often as I can.

  • I aim for longer, more in-depth posts because they usually rank higher.

  • I have Google Analytics installed

  • I have Google Search Console setup.

  • I show related articles on each post to keep people on my blog.

  • My subscribers automatically get emailed new posts when I publish.

  • My blog is responsive because so many people read on mobile devices.

  • My new posts are indexed by Google I\'ve searched and found them

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