Social Media Post Ideas

Social Media Social Media
  • Discount / Promo

  • Ask your audience to answer a fun question

  • Inspirational words / quote

  • Share what books you\'re currently into

  • Share a advice or fun life hack

  • "A day in the life of..."

  • Gather questions from your audience and dedicate a post to your expert answers

  • Expose a new product or service

  • Offer audience a free resource you love

  • Take a poll

  • Breaking news

  • Behind the scenes photos during a fun event

  • Contest / Giveaway

  • Holiday post (if you\'re near one in the schedule)

  • Re-post a fan photo

  • Offer a fun fact or stat

  • "This or That" comparison question, and ask audience for their engagement

  • An "in case you missed it" post (referring to a preview post)

  • A meme!

  • Share the business of a friend/affiliate (good networking)

  • Brief video tutorial

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