An Ultimate Tech Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Desktop Device

  • Clean download folder

  • Air blowout your keyboard

  • Clean your pc and screen

  • Organize files on your desktop

  • Clean/organize "My List" on Netflix

  • Organize your cloud storage

  • Organize computer bookmarks

  • Clean out your laptop bag

  • Email

  • Empty spam and trash folder

  • Unsubscribe from spammy email lists

  • Organize your inbox w/ folders

  • Update your email signatures

  • Mobile

  • Organize and remove old mobile apps

  • Organize your music app

  • Clean and delete old mobile photos

  • Update your password(s)

  • Social Media

  • Update up your Linkedin Profile

  • Update your social media profiles

  • Update your passwords

  • Unfollow negative ppl on social media

This checklist was created by marvinrussell

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