Secret Cleaning Hacks!

Cleaning cleaning
  • Lemon - this is a cleaning gem! Put a few peals inside the utensil holder of the dishwasher or a few down the disposal of your sink to rid of smelly odors

  • Have pets? - sprinkle bits of baking soda on your pet\'s favorite napping spots, then let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming. This will eliminate lingering pet smells.

  • One more pet trick - does your pet(s) shed? Guess what, rubber gloves are your savior. They can scoop the hair that pets shed with one simple swoop on any surface.

  • Dirty cutting board - sprinkle some salt on the board before rubbing a half-cut lemon all over the board like a sponge. This will remove both smells and stain.

  • Window cleaning - don\'t have the proper cleaning serum? No prob. Mix 2 tablespoons of White Vinegar with 1 Gallon of Water. Add a bit to a cloth (not paper towel) and you\'re set!

  • Simple clothing stains - rub a pinch of dish detergent on the spot on your shirt, then rinse it with water.

  • Have any copper pots? - Rub with ketchup! Seriously. It works.

  • Vodka - This is another "no kidding moment." Spray (or dab) some vodka into a cloth, and it will help clean porcelain (think: bathroom/kitchen tiles) and glass.

  • Tooth paste - rub some on dirty silver finishes, like water faucet heads. Also, toothpaste will clean *true* silver superbly.

  • Rug stain - mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap with 2 cups of warm-hot water. Then, put the mixture on a white cloth, & message stain. After it is lifted, message the spot with cold water & blot dry.

  • Dirty cast-iron skillet - let it sit flat at the bottom of your sink, and pour a thin sheet of coarse rock salt on top. Then, pour a bit of warm water on top, and let sit for 30 minutes.

  • Tough wrinkles in clothes? - Simple iron when they\'re *still* damp from the wash. The moisture + heat will assist the fibers in releasing the crease.

  • Coffee filters - you would be surprise their alternate purposes! My favorite: using them instead of ordinary cloths or paper towels to clean mirrors. Leaves zero streaks!

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