Best Fashion Apps

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  • "PS DEPT" - send shopping requests, source network of luxury retailer

  • "CHIC SKETCH" - Submit a photo of your look, receive a curated hand-drawn illustration of your photo that you can use/share as you like

  • "CLOTH" - Save, organize and share outfits you like; access current weather predictions; the app suggests your best outfit based on the weather

  • "LIKE TO KNOW IT" - track your favorite looks on instagram, like an image of a look you like & receive an email containing where/how to buy the garments

  • "CLOSET+" - this app is like a digital fashion stylist that matches various pieces from your closet together. You can categorize everything, and prepare outfits in advance on a calendar

  • "ASAPS4" - Snap a photo of a garment our outfit you see on the street (in a window or on a person), and get search results of similar items that you can shop

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