Monetize your blog

monetize blogging monetize blogging
  • Ad Revenue - Incorporate banner ads, clickable links and more in the layout of your site

  • Affiliates Programs - Try promoting a product or company on your blog, and any returns in sales from your promotion will result in a small income for you

  • Full-On Selling Products/Services - It can be anything, such as books, gadgets, e-courses, or fashion. You will get a cut from any sales made here as well

  • Sponsored Posts - Collaborate with a business (or a person selling a something) to hire you to speak on behalf of their goods/services on your blog. Essentially, paid-for exposure

  • External Content - Use your blog as a portfolio of writing, and promote your skills to other blogs or online companies that are looking for help from writers

  • Interviews - Bloggers will occasionally get asked to appear for an interview on outside media sources. They get your brand endorsement, you get their pay. Win-win!

  • Paid Press Trips - Some hotel & travel companies will pay a bloggers\' travel fees to enjoy their accommodations, and in return, you write hefty posts about their services

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