Financial Aid Checklist

financial aid financial aid
  • Calculate how much financial aid you will need to afford the college of your choice

  • Understand all student costs involved, besides tuition

  • Know what the college might truly cost you - the net price (which is tuition minus grants & scholarships)

  • Rely on family friends to share ideas about how you can afford college

  • Begin saving early for college - birthday money, high school jobs, anything you can to help pay for college later

  • Work hard in school! A great report card not only makes your application look great to colleges, but it can also help **pay** for your tuition in the form of grants & scholarships.

  • Be active in clubs and organizations in high school in areas you\'re passionate about (playing sports, volunteering, etc.). This can also lead to scholarship opportunities.

  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT tests, which, if passed, qualify you into the National Merit Scholarship Program.

  • Research various types of financial aid available (like the differences between a grant and a loan)

  • If you have time, consider taking a class for college credit while in high school

  • Once you hone in on your top college picks, begin researching scholarship opportunities

  • If your school offers an informational event about college financial aid, definitely attend!

  • Gather all documents associated with financial aid applications and fill them out.

  • Complete your FAFSA

  • Take note of all deadlines for applications

  • Find out which colleges your interested in (if any) might require you to complete CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

  • Apply to both local and private scholarships

  • Compare financial aid awards from the colleges who\'ve offered you financial assistance

  • Be sure to confirm a financial aid package by its deadline

  • Contact any college\'s financial aid office, if needed, to clarify any misinformation or discrepancies

  • Complete the remainder of any financial aid documents to be submitted

  • Now, you are ready to pay for the first tuition bill of college :)

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