Memory tricks for studying

  • Read more! Don\'t just skim the material, although this will take you longer. Make your study notes *shorter*, so that you are forced to retain the broader understanding

  • Listen to some chatty audio! Then, jot down the key parts of what\'s being said to absorb the topic.

  • Write down questions, too! While memorizing topics, write down questions you think of about context/details, then see if you can answer them yourself after reviewing the material.

  • Repeat it aloud! Verbalizing, more than simply thinking, can help. Also, try teaching it to someone else or having a discussion about key points.

  • Diagram it! Make charts, diagrams, tables, etc. to help you organize the info. Later, test yourself by leaving some spaces blank, and filling them in.

  • Review! Practice makes perfect, so continue to review material over and over.

  • Lastly, keep your diet in check. Might not be so obvious, but what nourishment you consume & when you consume it *does* impact your focus. Don\'t test your memory on an empty stomach!

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