Steps to boosting your GPA

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  • Review your class/lecture notes before bed - this is a great trick to strengthen your memory.

  • Sorry procrastinators - cramming the night does not work! You truly need to learn to study in advance.

  • Remove all distractions, which includes your phone! Also, your laptop, if it is not necessary for studying the material.

  • Fine-tune which study tools best suit your style. This could be making note cards, repeating key points aloud, creating discussion groups with other classmates, etc.

  • Wake up earlier, and make checklists. Getting up with time to make use of the day, and a checklist / plan-of-action will help organize your study time better.

  • Repetition - as boring as it might seem, repeating your notes verbally or with a pen/paper many times over many days will help you know it like the back of your hand.

  • Sit in the front row of your class. It will force your attention to always be on the lecturer.

  • Study with serious students. Study groups that become gossip sessions are not helpful, so be careful who you choose!

  • Be bold enough to raise your hand in class. Not only will it ring in participation points, but it will truly help test your knowledge.

  • It never helps to ask for extra credit!

  • If needed, retake any classes where you may have made a below passing grade.

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