The Ultimate Shopify Store Launch Checklist for First-Time Store Owners

The Ultimate Shopify Store Launch Checklist Picking a Shopify theme that fits your brand & products is one of the most important launch steps.
  • Part 1: Do Your Homework

  • Know your target customers and have a marketing plan

  • Choose your products carefully

  • Get great photography of your products

  • Part 2: Setting Up Your Shopify Store

  • Pick a Shopify store theme

  • Add your products

  • Set up a custom domain

  • Organize your store with product categories, pages, and navigation

  • Take care of shipping and financial settings

  • Enter your store policies

  • Review everything with fresh eyes one more time before launching

  • Make it live, and be your own first customer

  • Part 3: Optimizing Your Shopify Store

  • Customize your store’s email templates

  • Set up a reporting schedule and track your key stats

  • Don’t miss out on sales because you were out of stock

  • Make a list of goals and keep putting in the time

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