CRM Selection Checklist Questionnaire

crm selection checklist crm selection checklist
  • Does this CRM have Good Support?

  • What is the Setup Time and Usability?

  • Does it Have all the Right Right Features?

  • Does This CRM Meet Our Requirements with a Needs Analysis?

  • Can this CRM Grow with our Business?

  • Have We Read the Reviews?

  • Does it Help Our Customer Lifecycle? 

  • Is The CRM Company Transparent?

  • Is This A Smaller Brand That Tailors to Small Businesses?

  • Does the CRM Eliminate Pain Points?

  • Does it Works on Mobile? 

  • Are We Considering Things Other Than Features?

  • Is There Data Security and Backups?

  • Can You Customize Communication Channels?

  • Can You Personalize Customer Messaging?

  • Does this CRM Meet Our Data Policy Requirements? 

  • Can we Easily Find Relationship-Building Insights?

  • Are There CRM Automation Features?

  • Can We Keep Customer Data Up-To-Date? 

  • Can This CRM Follow Up With Customers?

  • Are There Collaboration Features?

  • Does it track Customer Response Times? 

  • Are There API Integrations? 

  • Does It Integrate With Our Business Goals? 

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