Outdoor Wedding Seating Ideas

  • Benches made with tree stumps https://goo.gl/8iFEMx

  • Hay stacks covered with a blanket https://goo.gl/d4NZeE

  • Handmade wooded benches https://goo.gl/sBuHQg

  • Antique furniture https://goo.gl/suqo6S

  • Combo of individual wooden seat designs https://goo.gl/AYBoJN

  • Combo of 1 & 2 person antique chairs https://goo.gl/QWpeHG

  • Church benches https://goo.gl/3jkS9e

  • Throw pillow-topped seats https://goo.gl/2Ujrke

  • Cushion-topped tree trunks https://goo.gl/Dop1Fb

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