Wedding Venue Walk Through

wedding venue wedding venue
  • Consider how your guests will arrive. Is there parking? Is valet provided? Shuttle Service from ceremony to reception?

  • Do you need to provide evening lighting? Consider the path to the ceremony, the location of aperitifs, etc.

  • Are there restrooms available?

  • Is the alter set up in the right location, and in the right way? Are the attendees sitting or standing, and how will they be organized? What about room for musicians?

  • How will the officiant\'s voice get across? Does the venue provide enough echo for officiant or does he/she need to be miked?

  • Where will you host a cocktail hour/aperitifs? (consider, musicians, bar tables, hors d\'oeuvres, a table to display dinner card for seating arrangements, guest book, cocktail tables....)

  • Is it a chillier time of year? Consider a coat check.

  • Think about the reception layout - where to host the cutting of the cake, where the DJ or band will set up, bar station, table size and layout, etc.

  • Consider where the catering company can set up and organize the food. Do you need to provide any equipment or supplies for them?

  • Do you need additional electrical outlets for both ambient lighting and the musicians/DJ?

  • Is there enough power in the facility, or should you supply the venue with a generator to support the additional power?

  • How much time in advance can the reception venue offer you to set up? Are there any additional costs incurred by the venue for the setup?

  • Ask the reception venue what rules the have for setup & deconstruction of the decorations. Some places might be strict with how to do it and in timing.

  • Is the wedding outside? Consider if there could be any pesky insects (mosquito season!) or allergens present.

  • Are there any parts of the venue that need to be changed or covered for your wedding? For example, a broken table/chair, stains in carpeting, landscape trimming, etc.

  • If the room you would like to use requires too much "fix up," consider those costs in addition. This could really add up :-/

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