10 Must-Do Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists

  • Optimize Your Website It’s not enough just to have a website: an artist’s website must have an SEO strategy so that your website is found by people and search engines.

  • Know Where Your Ideal Customer Lives Online. Different demographics prefer different social media channels. Understand who is your current customer and your ideal customer.

  • Blog The easiest way to get ranked higher in search engines and create content to share on social media is to start and regularly update a blog.

  • Post Photos and Video Viewers prefer visuals to words on social media. Instead of announcing your new exhibit on your social channels post your announcement online with an image, link and text.

  • Use Hashtags that are popular with your ideal buyer on social media. Tag each post with #s that will bring attract that audience to your post. Instagram allows up to #s for each post!

  • Consider Social Media Ads Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media channels offer inexpensive ads which artists can use to promote and sell their art for as little as $1/day.

  • Be Social on social media. Respond to everyone who Like or Comments on your post - even a simple thank you or emoji!

  • Engage on social media, don\'t just post. Interact with people: Comment, Share and Like other’s art and posts to build online relationships.

  • Carefully Craft Your Social Profiles. Your profile photo, cover image and bio are vital to introduce yourself and establish your online brand and personality: so make it count!

  • Understand Your Social Goals If your goal is to sell art then post social media that showcases your artistry. Some artists have both personal and private social media to keep them separate.

  • 8 Blog Topic Ideas for Artists. Not sure what to blog about? Here are a few blog ideas to get you started.

  • Newly completed artworks including your inspirations.

  • Works-in-progress: ask for feedback!

  • Behind-the-scenes peek at an artist\'s life such as your studio, preferred art supplies, artistic process.

  • Share your favorite artists - and why.

  • Talk about why you became an artist and your artistic goals.

  • Your upcoming exhibitions.

  • Announce art sales.

  • Review art exhibitions you attend.

  • Learn More: 6 Must-Do Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists http://hirecatherine.com/2015/10/20/6-must-do-social-media-marketing-tips-for-artists/

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