13 Powerful Places to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts & Articles

  • Why Keyword Optimization Matters

  • Keyword optimization helps your blog post get found by people who need your information, and search engines trying to help them.

  • 89% of consumers search Google, Bing or Yahoo for information and solutions to their problems.

  • Copy: Where to Use Your Keyword in Your Blog to Optimize Your Posts

  • Title - Use your keyword in your blog post title.

  • Content: Include your keyword 2-3 times in the blog content - Yoast recommends 2% density https://yoast.com/seo-basics-how-to-optimize-a-blog-post : use your keyword naturally: no stuffing!

  • Smart keyword alternatives and variations: Google understands smart keyword alternatives: use alternatives and avoid keyword stuffing.

  • 1st sentence: Your keyword should appear in the first or 2nd sentence of your blog post.

  • Last paragraph: Use your in the closing paragraph of your post.

  • Image caption: Include your keyword in an image captions.

  • CTA: Add a keyword to your Call To Action

  • Formatting: Keyword SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

  • H1 and H2 Tags: Use your keywords in post headlines.

  • Blog URL: Your keyword should be the first or 2nd word in your URL.

  • Image ALT Tags, file names and descriptions: Google can\'t read images, says MySiteAuditor http://mysiteauditor.com/blog/six-hotspot so include keywords in your image names, descriptions and ALT text.

  • Snippet: Use your keywords in the blog post snippet.

  • Links: Try to use your keywords in linked text.

  • Meta Descriptions and Excerpts: Add your keywords to the blog post description and excerpt.

  • Learn more: Blogging 101: Optimize Your Blog Post http://hirecatherine.com/2016/06/02/optimize-your-blog-post/

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