25 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

  • <b>Think Local</b>: Social media reaches everywhere but most realtors sell in a very defined geographic area. Your buyers come from anywhere but they want to buy in a specific community.

  • <b>Social Profiles</b>: Use your social media bios to say where you are and your specialty. Don't: Florida Realtor; Do: Realtor with $50M Home Sales in Delray Beach Florida - 2017 All American City.

  • <b>Use Location Services</b>: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to identify the location you're posting from. Instagram posts tagged with location get 79% higher engagement!

  • <b>Facebook</b>: It's good to post news and photos about your properties but are you generating leads? Realtors should have a professional Facebook page to use FB's business tools.

  • <b>Videos</b>: Take visitors on a virtual open house tour and live stream and share videos of properties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • <b>Hashtag Strategy</b>: Hashtags are essential for Twitter and Instagram to help people find your posts. IG allows up to 30 #s!

  • <b>Be a Go-To Resource</b>: Instead of only posting your listings and open houses share local information that is useful to potential clients and people new to the area.

  • <b>Social Media Scheduling Tools</b>: The secret key to success for many social media marketing pros are tools that help you plan and schedule your posts in advance: 1 day, 1 week and even 1 month!

  • <b>Be authentic</b>: That means the <i>real</i> you interacting with your audience in real time. Scheduling tools are good: but don't set it and forget it.

  • <b>Website</b>: Personal branding is vital to stand out from the competition. A personal website and blog plus your social media profiles are your arsenal for digital reputation management.

  • <b>Instagram</b> is quickly becoming the top visual social media marketing tool. Realtors can take advantage of IGer's fascination with behind the scenes photos to showcase their properties.

  • <b>Lead Magnets</b> are free but useful resources you provide in exchange for an email address: webinar on choosing a realtor, 1st Time Home Buyer's Guide, Newcomers Welcome Book etc

  • <b>Use Geo-targeted Facebook Ads</b >to target your ads very specifically. Use promoted posts to get your great Facebook posts seen by other Facebookers in your geographic area.

  • <b>Tweet Tips about Staging and Moving.</b> Help your clients and teach them how to stage their home for better sales. Post links to articles and videos on how to feature their residence.

  • <b>Use the 80/20 Rule.</b> Post about your listings 20%, and 80% of your content should be about your community news, events, lifestyle and information.

  • <b> Set Up Pinterest Boards </b> for your listings, your community, local foods, home selling tips, home buyer facts, staging, decorating and other information for buyers and sellers.

  • <b>Set Up a LinkedIn Page</b> with a strong photo, bio and summary that specifies your area covered, specialties and awards or commendations. Get LI recommendations from clients and service providers.

  • <b>Blog</b> on your website to show your expertise, share information and tips for buyers and sellers, and are great for SEO and keeping fresh content on your site.

  • <b>Promote</b> your blog on all your social media channels.

  • <b>Follower Other Experts</b> on social media and reshare their posts, such as schools, community organizations, banks, nonprofits, mortgage companies.

  • <b>Don't Post Duplicate Posts</b> on all your social media channels. If you share a blog post, create a unique post for each social network, all pointing to the same link.

  • <b>Don't Try to Be Everywhere</b>. Pick 2 or 3 social media channels that your ideal clients follow and master them. Once you develop a strong presence and following you can expand to another network.

  • <b>Engage Don't Just Broadcast</b> Don't just post information on social media: interact! Comment, Share, and Like interesting posts. Ask questions and crowdsource information.

  • <b>Answer Questions </b>from people asking online about buying or selling a home, looking for local information or needing resources.

  • <b> Be Useful.</b> Social media is about being <i>social</i>. Provide useful, relevant information for your idea clients to build your online brand personality and grow a following.

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