5 Minute Social Media Audit

  • 5 fast and easy social media profile updates

  • Optimize Your Bios: #DYK the new LinkedIn mobile app only shows 68 characters of the 120 maximum of your headline so be sure your first 68 are what you want people to know.

  • Customize Default Settings: Open the customize settings on each social network and review one-by-one to make sure that all images, text, and options are being used and optimized.

  • Update Your Profile Photos: Be sure to stick with the same picture as your default photo from one network to the next so that people easily recognize you across all social networks.

  • Add Branded Cover & Background Images: Don\'t waste valuable real estate - every social network has different dimensions for cover photos; consistent branding helps your message be seen and remembered.

  • What’s Your Bio CTA? Links to external sources can give your new connections more insight into your work. It can be an email address, website URL, branded hashtag or other CTA.

  • Have another 5 minutes?

  • Check Your Links: Do all the links on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts work? Do they take the reader to the right page on your website?

  • When Was Your Last Post? Don\'t give potential customers the idea you\'re out of business... if they see you\'re not active, they may also assume your business is not active.

  • Check Your Competitor\'s Posts: You can\'t compete if you don\'t know what the competition is doing.

  • Have You Pinned a Post? Facebook and Twitter let you pin a post to the top of your feed and control the first message your visitors see.

  • What\'s Your Profile Name/Handle? Most social media sites let you show both a user name and a site name: so on Twitter I am both Catherine Russell and @hireCatherine https://twitter.com/hirecatherine.

  • Schedule a 5 minute annual social media audit to make sure your social media profiles are accurate and deliver the message you want your visitors to see.

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