Stripe Account Settings Checklist

  • Confirm how your company name will display on customer\'s bank/credit card statements

    If a customer doesn\'t recognize the description on their bank or credit card statement as your business, it can lead to confusion and disputes. You can check or update your statement descriptor anytime in your Stripe account\'s Business settings.

  • Set up email notifications for charges and disputes

    Make sure you have your Stripe account set up to send you an email notification when: 

    • A successful payment is received

    • A customer disputes a payment

    You can customize your email notification settings in your Stripe user profile.

  • Review your bank account information

    One of the top reasons for delayed payouts from Stripe is incorrect bank information, so triple check this info by going to Account > Transfers in your Stripe dashboard.

  • Confirm your default currency

    Stripe works with 135+ currencies. Even if you accept multiple currencies, you\'ll want to be sure that your default currency matches the currency for the bank account associated with your Stripe account. 

    You can view or set the default currency from your Stripe dashboard. 

  • Set your preferred transfer schedule to "daily"

    Stripe will automatically create payouts of your available account balance based on the schedule you set in the Dashboard. For most countries, the default setting is "daily," though some countries, like Brazil, have a longer default payout schedule. 

    Double check this setting in your Stripe Dashboard to be sure you\'ll receive payouts to your bank account as quickly as possible.

  • Enable two-step authentication to make your account more secure

    Stripe is a very secure payment system, but you always want to do everything you can to keep your account secure when it comes to your small business. 

    Setting up two-step authentication means if you log in from a new device you\'ll get a text message with a code you\'ll need to enter before you can log in.

    You can find the two-step authentication setting and add your cell phone number in your Stripe user profile.

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