• The 5 Common Mistakes (fix these immediately)

  • Title Has Less than 3 Exact Match Search Terms in Phrase Order: These 3 search terms must be 1. Able to fully describe your product without any further words added  2. Within the top 8 high volume search terms according to Keyword Research tools. Bonus points if you can use a phrase that touches across multiple phrases such as "Metal Fidget Spinner" + "Fidget Spinner Large" = "Metal Fidget Spinner Large."  3. In the exact same word order that the keyword tool shows (ex. Metal Fidget Spinners, not Fidget Spinner Metal)

  • Title not optimized for mobile & fast scrolling shoppers: First section of title should be MAIN SEARCH TERM IN PHRASE ORDER. The closer the start of your title is to what the shopper typed in, the more likely they will click your product. Second part of title should be the most important describing info that fast-scrollers need to see in order to know your product is what they\'re looking for. "2 Pack," "with Carry Bag," & "Organic" are all examples of what should go here.

  • Main Image is Poorly Optimized Part 1:  2 Dimensional Angle of product instead of 15 degree angle. Most main images show the product and all accessories as if they were laid on a table & shot from above. It\'s more attractive to have a multi layered photo. Ex. Main part of product in front, box layered behind but slightly covered, small accessories in front of main product. This is best if all items are separately shot at the same 15 degree angle, then graphically rearranged into the most attractive layout.

  • Main Image is Poorly Optimized Part 2: Not using a graphic reflection or shadow effect. Hire a graphic designer to add a subtle reflection or shadow effect to your main product image. This makes it stand out against the white background, especially for white products. This small change can increase CTR (click through rate) by upwards of 6%

  • Bullet Points are longer than 170 characters & lacking ✅BENEFIT DRIVEN HEADING ... Don\'t make the mistake of trying to cram keywords into the bullet points, they have the smallest effect on keyword ranking & smallest amount of index-able characters of any field. Keeping them at 150-170 characters ensures they don\'t turn into a giant block of unreadable text (most people skip reading). Always start with a BENEFIT DRIVEN HEADING in all capitals. Most people use a feature as the heading, use the "Ask Why 3 Times" method to identify the TRUE benefit of each feature, then use that as a heading. Tutorial on the method here: 

  • Text on Images Not Optimized: Text is too dense & too small to easily read on mobile or thumbnail view. Use no more than 4 bullet points on a single image, & all text should be large enough to read on a small mobile screen without pinching to zoom in.

  • The 3 Missed Opportunities:

  • Not using model lifestyle images that show the EXACT moment the benefits are being received: Many people use generic stock images that have little correlation to the benefit they\'re trying to highlight in that image. Custom images with models are more expensive, but you can be WAY more specific to what target customers are looking for.

  • Description is Too Easy to Scroll Straight Over: Assuming you don\'t have an EBC description, the regular description on Amazon is halfway down the page, and easy for people to scroll over on their way to the reviews. Use HTML coding & specifically bolded headings to organize information. Use bullet point lists to take up more space on the screen vertically, making is less likely customers scroll straight over your description without reading. Ensure your HTML description does NOT have long blocks of difficult to read text, takes up at least 3/4 of a desktop screen vertically (should be 1500 ish characters), & doesn\'t repeat the exact same information as your product bullet point fields.

  • Split Test the Main Image to Increase Click Through Rate: We don\'t recommend split testing any other fields, but finding a main image that performs even 2% better can mean hundreds or thousands more shoppers viewing your listing each month. Use the free Split Testing Software "Listing Dojo" or the paid software Splitly and test 2 variations of your main image to see which performs best. This is a SUPER low hanging fruit that very few sellers actually do.

  • Recommended Tools to Help You Complete This Checklist

  • Viral Launch Keyword Research: 

  • Helium 10 Scribbles & Frankenstein (both free): 

  • Get Your Listing Analyzed By Kenji\'s Listing Expert | FREE Custom Listing Analysis Video: 

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