How to Create Cross Sell and Upsell Campaigns

  • To launch a successful cross sell campaign, you need to figure out which of your products and services complement one another. Ask yourself:

  • Who your target market is

  • What these customers usually buy as additions to their main purchase

  • Which different items they purchase at the same time

  • What items have done well in previous cross sell campaigns (if applicable)

  • You can find this information from customer purchase and browsing history, communications, and any repeat return or cancellation records. When it comes to upselling successfully, you should:

  • Choose upsell products from the same category as the original product. For example, don’t recommend a pair of dress shoes if your customer is shopping for runners.

  • Provide enough screen space to display the promotion and testimonials for the upsell product.

  • Choose your highest-reviewed or best seller products, as long as it’s logical to pair them with the original product being purchased.

  • Offer your customers reasons and context for choosing the upsell item over an alternative.

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