#GoLive Video Checklist

  • How will this video fit into my overall marketing strategy?

  • What is the purpose of this specific video?

  • Who is the specific audience for this message?

  • What is my call to action for this message/video?

  • What is the best platform for this live video?

  • Should I promote this live video in advance?

  • Do I need a script or bullet points for this video?

  • Is this video an episode in an ongoing show?

  • What\'s the best tool for this video? Do I need to use my desktop, my smartphone, or a third party app?

  • Do I have a strong internet connection?

  • If I\'m using my phone, is the battery fully charged?

  • If my background appropriate for the video?

  • Am I happy with the way I look?

  • What is the title of this live video episode?

  • Do I need a tripod for this video?

  • Am I ready to go live?

  • Acknowledge your viewers

  • Answer questions.

  • Ask viewers to subscribe

  • Mention your call to action

  • Save video when the event is complete

  • Check for comments that did not get answered

  • Where should this video be shared? Page, profile, group, YouTube, blog, twitter, etc.

  • Does the replay video need to be edited?

  • Will this video be used in a blog post or for an article? If so, get the audio transcribed.

  • Can the audio from this video be used for a podcast?

  • Copy and save the embed code for the video to use on a blog post

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