7 Ways Manufacturers Can Automate Back-Office Processes

  • Adopt an HR software like BirdDog HR.

  • Set up simple automated workflows with a finance software like Quickbooks.

  • Use a task management tool like Trello or MisterTask.

  • Pair them with a document parsing tool to automatically create necessary tasks from documents like engineering change orders.

  • Invest in a compliance software such as Donesafe to ensure that your entire team has access to up-to-date information.

  • Work with a manufacturing software like MiSys to reduce inventory cost, improve production efficiency and make AI-assisted decisions.

  • Implement a well organized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as LiveAgent.

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  • Automate the processing of information from PDFs and documents into any of these systems with a document extraction tool like Docparser.

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