How to Choose the Right Document Parser for Your Business

  • Make sure the parser accepts the kind of documents you need parsed.

  • PDF

  • Excel

  • Google Sheets

  • JPEG

  • Etc.

  • Consider if they offer set-up assistance to help you feel comfortable with the tool.

  • Find out if they host a webinar to teach you how to use the product.

  • Look into which 3rd party apps you can move data to, like Google Sheets, Excel, CRMs or ERP systems.

  • Pay attention to the free trial limitations.

  • Do they need your credit card information to sign up?

  • How long does the trial last?

  • Are features capabilities limited during the trial?

  • Figure out how many documents you’ll need to parse on a monthly basis - this will usually determine which pricing tier you need.

  • Determine your ideal monthly price range.

  • Consider if the product has an enterprise plan and if you need one.

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