How to Convert PDF Files Into Structured Data

  • 4 ways to extract data from PDFs

  • Manually rekey or copy and paste

    Yes, this an option, but it certainly is not the fastest or most effective approach unless you only have a couple of PDF documents.

  • Try a free tool like Tabula

    Tabula will return a spreadsheet file which you probably need to post-process manually. It’s definitely a good starting point if you deal with native PDF files (not scans).

  • Outsource manual data entry

    There are literally thousands of data entry providers out there you can hire. However it comes with a lot of overhead, and it takes a lot of time/effort to find the right provider, agree on terms, and explain your specific use-case.

  • Use a fully automated PDF data extraction software

    Automated PDF data extraction solutions come in different flavours, ranging from simple OCR tools to enterprise ready document processing and workflow automation platforms.

  • How to use Docparser to automatically convert PDF documents into structured data

  • Sign up for a trial at — it\'s free, and there\'s no credit card required

  • Start creating your first document parser by selecting a category that\'s the closest match to the document you want to extract data from

    Pick from Invoices, Purchase Order, Application Forms, and more. If you can\'t find a close match, choose the Miscellaneous option. ​

  • Import your business documents

    You can upload documents by dragging and dropping them from a folder on your computer into Docparser, emailing them, or connecting to a document storage drive like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

  • Train our PDF and Document Parser for the type of document you want to process

    Typically you set up a rule for each field you want to extract data from. For example - on a PDF form with Name and email address fields you want to extract, you\'d need to set up two rules. 

  • Set optional filtering and formatting criteria you\'d like for fields like dates, dollar amounts, etc.

  • Export your parsed data to an Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheets

  • Work with your IT department or an IT consultant to have your parsed data populate business systems like an ERM or CRM

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