Always Be Creating An Opportunity to Be a Difference Maker

  • MaxGroup Business Solutions Co-Founders Jeff Peltin (L) and Mark Skovron, Ph.D. (R) flank Martina Navratilova at the Long Boat Key Country Club in Sarasota, Florida for a fundraiser benefitting children\'s orphanage in Zimbabwe. 

  • Mother of Peace orphanage is an outreach of the United Metropolitan Community Churches Worldwide. Mother of Peace cares for 500+ children who are orphaned and otherwise abandoned and are infected with HIV/Aids. 

  • Making money is great. 

  • Raising and giving time and money for great causes is better. 

  • Making an impact on people all over the globe will empower your spirit and lift you up in ways that nothing else can. 

  • Note to Self: Always do as much as you can for others.

  • If you are not making a profound and lasting difference for others -- than why are you here?

  • The psychologically healthiest people are those who spend regular time being mindful of how they can bring aid, comfort and assistance to those less fortunate.

  • "If you\'re not reaching into the lives of humankind in need, and making a radical positive impact on their lives, you\'re taking up too much room on the planet. As a psychologist, I acknowledge it is a matter of personal choice. As a Humanist I am not as understanding how someone can see others in need, and not be stirred to action from their very soul." -- Mark Skovron, Ph.D.

  • Make a list of what you want to do in your life that would be part of your social contract with the planet, and that would make a lasting difference for others. 

  • Now make a plan to execute it.

  • Remember that those few who make it a priority to put others first are a very small club. 

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