How to Celebrate Earth Day

  • Plant a tree

  • Start a garden

  • Clean up a stream

  • Turn off water while brushing your teeth

  • Pick up litter outside

  • Use cloth towels, not paper

  • Bring a reusable bad tot he store

  • Bike or walk to work

  • Buy local grown products

  • Buy recycles products

  • Stop printing

  • Use reusable water bottles

  • Fix leak faucets

  • Take shorter showers

  • Use CFL light bulbs

  • Car pool

  • Turn off the lights

  • Buy ebooks or listen to audio books

  • Make your own cleaning supplies

  • Opt for paperless billing

  • Turn old t-shirts into new rags

  • Buy used

  • Stop using plastic stirrers or straws

  • Buy digital tickets

  • Donate old clothes

  • Add insulation to your attic

  • Check that your windows are sealed

  • Buy real plants for your home

  • Lower your themostat

  • Learn more about solar

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