Top 10 Odor Removal Products Reviewed in 2019

  • 1. Identify what is the root culprit of the foul odor. It could be urine stains, mold, rotting food, or even feces from rats.

  • 2. Get BioKleen All Purpose cleaner and clean your floors and bathroom with it.

  • 3. Get a Dehumidifier for your bathrooms and basement to remove the moisture. Moisture that stagnates mean mold growth.

  • 4. Get activated charcoal purifying bags and put them all around the house. You can put them under the sink, in the garage, in the closets, etc.

  • 5. Get a high quality Air Purifier from RabbitAir or BluePure or Whirlpool.

  • 6. If the foul odor is from your dog, make them eat some treats with infused activated charcoal

  • 7. If the foul odor is from your clothes or athletic wear, you need to purchase Rockin\' Green, a biodegradable and safe plant-derived enzymes and clean rinsing surfactants. Your clothes will not smell clean without using a product like this.

  • 8. Exfoliate your skin when showering using a high quality Loofah or brush. At the same time, make sure you clean the Loofah or Brush and keep them dry or else you will get mold growth on them.

  • 9. Fix your diet. You smell because you have poor digestion from bad eating. Take activated charcoal supplements and do a colon cleanse. Remove Fecal Matter from your colon.

  • 10. Make sure you use the bathroom (number 2) at least once a day. That is a hard KPI. This can happen for you if you eat enough healthy fiber, healthy oils, and exercise.

  • 11. Check with your family doctor / physician / naturopathic doctor to see if a comprehensive detox is right for you.

  • 12. Go through a comprehensive detox program. If you cannot stand the smell of your armpits, instead of covering them up with deodorants, you need to do salt water flush or use binders such as activated charcoal or edible bentonite clay to remove dead matter from your small and large intestines.

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