A Girl's Guide to 20 Places to Hang Out With Your Dog in Chicago

  • Have fun at the dog beaches at Belmont Harbor and Montrose Beach http://www.mondog.org/

  • Take a long walk through beautiful Lincoln Park

  • Follow the Fido Dog Truck and treat your dog to some yummy doggie ice cream http://fidotogo.net/

  • Enjoy amazing dog parks all over the city https://windycitypaws.com/chicago-dog-parks-guide/

  • Take some fun photos of your dog as you walk along the Lakefront

  • Bring your dog with to enjoy a meal with you on a dog friendly patio (here\'s some favorites and I\'m sure there\'s plenty in your neighborhood) https://goo.gl/dth8Tf

  • Enjoy doggie yappy hour with your dog (Yes! It\'s a thing!)

  • Bring your dog to a patio to enjoy coffee with your girlfriends or morning Saturday coffee with your hubby https://www.checkli.com/checklists/ggc/a-girls-guide-to-the-best-coffee-shops-in-chicago

  • Join a dog friendly meet up like Real Dog Moms of Chicago and sign up for events, support local dog charities, etc https://www.instagram.com/realdogmomsofchicago/

  • Walk and explore the 606 Trail

  • Treat your dog to a Puppuccino at Starbucks (usually free with a purchase of your own beverage)

  • Take your dog with you shopping! (There\'s many places all over the city that are dog friendly)

  • Take your dog for a walk and treat them with a special treat at the local pet store (supporting local Chicago businesses!)

  • Explore a new neighborhood with your dog

  • Bring your dog along on the Double Decker Bus Tour (Yes, they are dog friendly!)

  • Plan a staycation and bring your dog along! (Many hotels are dog friendly in the city)

  • Join a doggie play group at a local park (You might up meeting some new friends for you as well!)

  • Bring your dog with you to the bar (Yep, there\'s a few bars in Chicago that let you bring your dog inside!)

  • If your dog loves boat rides, you can bring your dog aboard the Seadog to cruise around with you

  • Enjoy a festival with your dog, there are festivals most weekends in Chicago during the summer

  • For more info on dog friendly things to do in Chicago head to the Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog http://girlsguidechicago.com/a-girls-guide-to-20-places-to-hang-out-with-your-dog-in-chicago/

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