A Girl's Guide to Planning a Chicago Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • Take a photo at the Bean in Millenium Park (5 points)

  • Buy a coffee and take a photo in the unique alley where Pickwick Coffee is located (5 points)

  • Find a mural and take a photo with your group (Hint: There\'s some in River North, the Loop, and West Loop) (10 points)

  • Take a photo of the famous Lion status at the Art Institute (5 points)

  • Take a photo with someone wearing Chicago sports gear (10 points)

  • Head to Navy Pier and take a photo by the ferris wheel (5 points) or ride and take a photo on the ferris wheel for extra points (20 points)

  • Snap a group photo with a Chicago sign (10 points)

  • Spend a few minutes walking around RH (Restoration Hardware) and take a fun "pose" group photo (10 points)

  • Ride the "L" and take a group photo (10 points)

  • Take a group photo with a Picasso (hint: somewhere in the loop) (10 points)

  • Eat a Cheezborger at Billy Goat Tavern (don\'t forget your photo!) (20 points)

  • Take a photo from a rooftop (doesn\'t have to be a bar) (10 points)

  • Grab some popcorn at Garrett\'s Popcorn (10 points)

  • Head up to the Sears (Willis) Tower or John Hancock and take a photo on The Ledge or The Tilt (30 points)

  • Purchase a cupcake from an ATM (10 points)

  • Take a photo with a Chicago celebrity (you can get creative with this) (20 points)

  • Take a group photo by the Lake Michigan (5 points)

  • Head to your favorite donut shop, eat a donut, and take a photo (10 points)

  • Take a photo with the pink taxi (hint: Langham Hotel) (10 points)

  • Head to the Buckingham Fountain for a group photo (5 points)

  • Stop in and shop for something Italian at Eataly, don\'t forget your snap (10 points)

  • Take a photo eating a Chicago style hot dog (10 points)

  • Get a free piece of chocolate from Ghirardelli (5 points)

  • Snap a photo of the famous (begin) Route 66 Sign (15 points)

  • For the rules and how to play head to the Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog http://girlsguidechicago.com/girls-guide-planning-chicago-photo-scavenger-hunt/

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