A Girl's Guide to the Gold Coast in Chicago

  • Morning

  • Start your morning with a coffee at the Starbuck\'s on Rush & Oak or the Argo Tea Cafe between Rush and Wabash at Chestnut

  • The Starbucks is two-levels so if you have time enjoy your coffee upstairs either by the fire or enjoy the mini outdoor balcony

  • The Argo Tea Cafe is located in a mini park so if the weather is nice enjoy your tea at a table in their park

  • The Gold Coast is known for it\'s high-end boutiques and stores so spend the morning walking around exploring everything from Hermes to Kate Spade https://goo.gl/QLGWGU

  • Lunch

  • For lunch head to Freds on the top floor of Barneys https://goo.gl/cQ3rwx

  • Use opentable.com to make a reservation

  • If the weather is nice sit outside on their rooftop terrace

  • And enjoy one of their amazing salad, they are so big you can easily split with a friend

  • After lunch take a peek a the little Barney\'s gift shop or stroll around Barney\'s for a bit

  • Afternoon

  • Spend the afternoon at the mall at 900 N Michigan Ave https://goo.gl/70Lx1K

  • There is a mix of high-end and popular retailers

  • Afternoon Cocktails

  • If the weather is chilly or cold head into the Thompson Chicago and enjoy a cocktail at the cocktail lounge https://goo.gl/Eta5FR

  • Enjoy a glass and a few appetizers at Fig & Olive https://goo.gl/ohabff

  • Head to Le Bar at the Sofitel for happy hour https://goo.gl/cq11xR

  • Dinner

  • During the summer enjoy dining on the patio at Tavern on Rush for great food, cocktails, and people watching https://goo.gl/d2TO7O

  • Another favorite is Le Colonial, they have a great patio and amazing lychee martinis https://goo.gl/KWXADF

  • You can also dine at Lux Bar next door to Tavern on Rush or Hugo Frogs across the street

  • For more head to Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog https://goo.gl/xCc1Zb

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