Finding Your Own Happy Place

Happy Place Chicago
  • Treat yourself to a fun coffee or tea after a long week or check out a new coffee shop on a Saturday morning (my new favorite in Chicago is Limitless Coffee)

  • Light some candles, grab your favorite blanket, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get lost in a good book

  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure

  • Host a happy hour at home and try out a fun cocktail recipe 

  • Go to a yoga class (If you live in Chicago, there\'s tons of free yoga or even yoga on the beach!)

  • Visit a cute flower shop and get some flowers to freshen up your home

  • Plan a happy hour with your friends

  • Make some popcorn and watch your favorite movie

  • Find a new recipe on Pinterest and cook a fun dinner for someone you love

  • Relax with a cuppa tea or glass of wine and put on some Jazz music

  • Go to a movie (I find independent movies are the best, they are very inspiring)

  • Leave a love note for your significant other 

  • Go shopping and treat yourself to a little something

  • Take a drive and explore somewhere new

  • Plan a date night at a new restaurant you\'ve been wanting to try

  • Try a new workout class

  • Go for a long walk with a friends or your significant other

  • Light some candles, play some music, and take a relaxing bath

  • Journal your thoughts and ideas

  • Take your dog to the dog park, dog beach, or even a patio

  • Send a friend you haven\'t seen in awhile a card or little package to let know you are thinking of them

  • Play your favorite music and dance

  • Create a bucket list or start planning a trip

  • Treat yourself to a facial or give yourself a facial

  • Most importantly, remember all the good things and people you have around you

  • Read my post about Happy Place Chicago and how I find my own HAPPY PLACE

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