Tips for Successfully Implementing the Five Whys

  • 1. Never Search for the Root Cause Alone

    Answers can sometimes generate emotional responses, therefore, digging into the root cause should be done as a team to reduce the risk of bias.

  • 2. Don\'t Feel the Need to Stop at Five

    Try not to look at five as a firm number. The number of iterations will vary based on each specific problem.

  • 3. Learn to Distinguish Causes from Symptoms

    It\'s vital to continue probing each answer extensively to uncover deeper underlying causes.

  • 4. Be as In-Depth with Your Answers as Possible

    With each answer, you\'re ultimately looking for another question. Keep your answers as detailed as possible to help with the flow.

  • 5. Make Sure You Gather the Right Resources

    Gather everything you need in advance of the meeting that will help to make an informed decision (personnel, documentation, communication etc.)

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