Sunday Morning

  • Turn on Lighting machine and lights

  • Check internet connection from that machine (wired connection)

  • Re-start ProPresenter machine

  • Turn on projectors and matrix (switches together)

  • Turn on amps then sound board and mic power strips

  • Go upstairs to video booth

  • Turn on Video Switcher and

  • Load proper settings from USB to video switcher

  • Plug in laptop

  • Reset sound combiner

  • Set up a live-stream on FB to go live at a specific time (using OBS, its own mini checklist)

  • Head downstairs and switch building video distributor to Sunday Mode

  • Turn on all 7 foyer TVs and ensure that they are displaying properly

  • Take a break

  • Greet People as they come in for 1st service

  • During 1st song balance the mix in the foyer from iphone app (mix to TVs)

  • Continue greeting people in the foyer

  • During changeover between 1st and 2nd service head to video booth

  • Run video switcher for live-stream during 2nd service

  • Screen capture facebook results

  • Go downstairs and continue greeting people

  • After 3rd service add all numbers from services attendance, etc, to planning center.

  • Go through and turn off all TVs

  • Head upstairs and turn off video switcher

  • Downstairs and turn off/close lighting computer and lights

  • Turn off projecters and ProPresenter

  • Turn off amps then soundboard and mics

  • Turn off any lights

  • Leave

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