Fiction Book Outline Template

  • Title(s)

  •  Write down as many titles as you can think of. You don\'t have to set this in stone right away. Use a focus group for feedback on your title(s). 

  • Book Cover

  • Take some notes on how you would like your cover to look. What other book covers inspire you?

  • Set Your Book Deadline(s)

  • First draft

  • Second draft

  • Third draft

  • Edits

  • Four draft

  • Edits

  • Publish

  • Book Setting

  • Set the location for your book. Are there multiple locations? Include the year, month, season(s). Is your book one day, one week, a month, a year, over many years? 

  • Set the Storyline

  • What is the storyline of your book? How does it begin? End? What is the main character trying to accomplish? Is your book written from one point of view or multiple?

  • Main Character

  • Describe your main character in as much detail as you can.

  • Supporting Characters

  • Describe supporting characters. Do not introduce too many characters as it can become confusing to your reader.

  • Beginning 

  • Write down some keys points on how the story begins and how you will introduce your characters. How will your first few chapters captivate your reader?

  • Middle

  • This is usually the climax of the story. 

  • Conflict(s)

  • What conflict(s) does your main character face?

  • Ending

  • How does your story end? Happy? Sad? To be continued? Up to your readers imagination. Brainstorm some ideas and think about the last sentence of your story. Does it capture your reader?

  • Easter Eggs

  • Some authors like to include Easter Eggs that relate to their own lives. A character\'s name, song on a radio, storyline location, favorite tv shows or movies, etc. These can make your book feel really personal to you. 

  • Chapter 1

  • Map out the key points of each chapter. This will help you overcome missing holes in your story and keep you focused and organized. 

  • Chapter 2

  • Chapter 3

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