Top 6 SEO Page Title Tips

  • Make a list of irresistible buzzwords. When polishing off your post with a click-worthy title tag, you should heavily rely on this list. Don’t force your brain to come up with something super creative on the fly. If you’re already creeping near burn out, you’ll end up with something subpar.

  • Keep the page title between 50 and 60 characters. Your hard work will go to waste if Google cuts off your page titles. This will also result in a lower CTR.

  • Include your business name for brand recognition. This is a kill two birds with one stone kinda tip. First, it gets your name out there and builds a sense of authority. But as a bonus, if someone is familiar with your work and scrolling Google, they’re likely to read content from a business they already know.

  • If it sounds natural (and reads like a real human would speak), put your keyword near the beginning of your page title. If you can’t make it work, then don’t.

  • Avoid excessive punctuation. When writing your page titles, just ask yourself: if this were a blog post or a headline on a sales page, what would I call it? No need to throw in any extra symbols.

  • Ask yourself, "Does my content match the set expectation?" Give the people what they want (and are expecting).

This checklist was created by kristenstack

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