Google & Facebook Page Tips n Tricks for Success

  • Confirm your business Name, Address, and Phone number is correct and consistent across all online profiles (also know as your business NAP).

  • Check your business hours are correct.

  • Make sure you’ve got the right category listed for your business.

  • Add at least 3-5 photographs of content about your business and services

  • Add photos like:

  • A photograph of yourself

  • Photos of key staff

  • Photos of your facilities or your retail area

  • 2-3 photos of customers being helped (before and after photos are a HUGE plus)

  • 2-3 photos of what you’re really known for. Know for a special service? Shoot that. Got celeb client? Take a photo of that! Whatever make you special should be shown.

  • Write a complete and thoughtful “Introduction”.

  • Use subheaders

  • Use bullet points wherever possible

  • Keep paragraphs short

  • Additional things to add:

  • Include the types of payment you accept.

  • Ask for reviews.

  • Respond to the reviews you already have. Need on that?

  • Post to your Google business and Facebook business pages SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK. You can post things like:

  • Photos

  • Sale announcements

  • New employee announcements

  • Questions from customers/clients

  • Industry news

  • An event in your town

  • Client testimonials (video testimonials are a huge plus)

This checklist was created by leadleopard

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