Employee Exit and Interview Checklist

  • Collect all keys, key cards, FOBS, uniforms and all other company property

  • Update their email (and company phone) with automatic reply and who to contact

  • Review any left open projects or important items that will need to be followed up on

  • Review specific job duties they were responsible for from them?

  • Collect all passwords and contact information for clients etc.

  • Assign employee\'s tasks to other employees until the position is filled

  • Properly make other employees aware of departing employee

  • Make employee clear on benefits i.e. vacation/sick days paid out, insurance expiration

  • If not terminated, did you perform an exit interview? (see below)

  • Exit Interview Questions

  • Why are you leaving? ___________________________________________________

  • What company are you going to? __________________________________________

  • What is your new title and salary? __________________________________________

  • What are our company strengths?___________________________________________

  • How can we improve? ____________________________________________________

  • Forwarding address? _____________________________________________________

  • Completed by: _________________________________________________

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