12 Healthy Ways To Deal With Loneliness after a Breakup

  • Talk it over.  Your friends and family can give you the comfort and encouragement you need.  As for what you want whether it\'s a hug while you cry or a sounding boa

  • Check your contacts.  Fill up any empty hours by reaching out to old friends and colleagues.  Invite a former coworker out to lunch.

  • Volunteer your services.  Patricipate in a charity softball game or fundraiser for something you are passionate about.  As a bonus, focusing on others will help you to gfeel happier a

  • Pursue your interests.  Find new places to hang out.  Join a meetup group or go to a concert where you\'ll be surrounded by others who share your love for science fiction or French cooking

  • Reach out.  Challenge yourself to connect with others.  Chat with the waitress at a coffee shop.  Tell your neighbor that his lawn looks beautiful.

  • Accept your feelings.  You\'ll probably experience some uncomfortable emotions like anger and jealousy.  Facing up to the truth enables you to learn and grow

  • Write it out.  If your feelings are intense and conflicted, it may help to keep a journal.  Notice any obstacles that tend to keep you isolated.  Maybe you feel embar

  • Look for inspiration.  Hearbreak is a common condition.  Listen to songs that remind you that you are not alone.  Pick out role models who have built a happier life after a relations

  • Stay Active.  Fight the blues by working out or admiring the beauty of nature. 

  • Laugh and Play.  It\'s easier to attratc others when you\'fe radiating joy and energy.  Participate in activities you love and look for opportunities to brighten someone else\'s day

  • Live in the moment.  Keep in mind that you situation is temporary.  Take it one day at a time instead of dwelling on the past or projecting into the future.

  • Pray about it. Your spiritual faith and community can be a source of strength.  Contemplate your purpose and what kind of relationships you aer seeking.

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