25 Ways To Apologize

  • Make a phone call.  

  • Send a letter.  

  • Mail a greeting card.  When you\'re unsure of the exact words to say when needing to deliver an apology, check out your local Hallmark store.

  • Use text messaging.  

  • Send a singing telegram.  Perhaps you\'ve never considered this method.  But really, can you imagine not smiling when some guy comes knocking at your door and sings you a lovely song of 

  • Have a paid-for lunch delivered.  You likely know where the potential receiver of your apology works.  Stop in at a local take-out restaurant and arrange to have his favorite m

  • Buy them jewelry.  

  • Wash the person\'s car.  Depending on your relationship with the person you need to apologize to and the nature of your "crime", washing his car sends a message that says "I want 

  • Type up some "apology coupons."  Get creative in your efforts to apologize.  Think of three to five favors you can do for the person, and then print them on coupons.  On the 

  • Cook a special dinner.  

  • Plan to spend a special day with the person.  If you want to send the message, "You really matter to me," put aside time in your schedule to spend a whole day with her.

  • Take the person on an incredible vacation.  

  • Open your heart.  

  • Ask for forgiveness.  

  • Serve breakfast in bed

  • Approach the person with positivity.  

  • Write a poem.  

  • Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  

  • Serve breakfast in bed.  

  • Vow to do better

  • Offer to transport them to and from work for a month

  • Give her a day at the spa

  • Give him two tickets to his favorite team\'s next game

  • Take the person to a movie of their choice

  • Simply say "I\'m sorry"

  • Share your humility and then resolve to preserve in the relationship.  

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